Blast machine

P325 Series

Small enough for trailer portability. Powerful enough for all your production needs.

The fully automated P325 will produce on demand up to 300 lbs (136 kg) per hour of consistent, high-density dry ice pellets or nuggets using liquid CO2 and electrical power. Compact and reliable, the P325 puts dry ice production in your hands with the lowest cost of ownership available in the industry today.

Dry Ice Manufacturing

Cost effective & safe production of high quality dry ice

Superior quality. Absolute reliability.

Offering the highest output per floor footprint, and the best production uptime of any equipment on the market, Cold Jet’s full-line of pelletizers produce consistent, high density dry ice exhibiting superior physical properties. Less breakage, longer shelf-life, and greater cooling capacity mean less cost and greater satisfaction for you.

For maximum performance and flexibility, our dry ice production and blasting solutions can integrate together or into your current production environment. All this backed by our 24/7 global customer support that keeps critical production equipment up and running.

Precision Extrusion Dies

Increase production and minimize downtime. Equip your unit with a Quick Die Change (QDC) chute and toolkit to rapidly switch production from pellets to nuggets, meeting all customer product size requests.


Engineered to extremely highs tolerances, our dies are aerodynamically tuned to exert forces that densify dry ice as it is extruded, maximizing energy utilization and extending the useful life of the hydraulics. Dry ice made through precision dies offers the best blast cleaning performance and better transportability, significantly reducing fines and waste.